Unique Artisan Jewelry


Black Star's latch and hook bracelets have the look of a bangle and the feel of as bracelet. The legendary Egyptians wore bracelets to represent the "circle of life". 

All of our bracelet designs are available in a variety of gemstones. Wearing the bracelet on the pulse of the body revitalizes and directs the Body's chi back into balance. 

  • Mala Bracelet
    Mala Bracelet
  • Dragon Cuff Bracelet
  • Rhodochrosite
    Dragon Energy
  • Eight Auspicious Symbols
    Engraved Sterling silver cuff bracelet
  • Engraved sterling silver gemstone cuff bracelet
  • Flowing Flowers with Aquamarine
    Flowing Flowers
  • Garnet hook and latch bracelet
    Gemstone Bracelet
  • Pearl Bracelet
    Gemstone Bracelet Latch and Hook
  • Blue Rainbow Moonstone Cuff Bracelet
    Gemstone Cuff Bracelet
  • gemstone cuff bracelet
    Gemstone cuff Bracelet
  • Gemstone Power Cuff
  • Lotus Bud Cuff bracelet
    Lotus Flower Cuff Bracelet
  • Bangles
    Newari Tribal Bangles
  • Tibetan cloud Cuff Bracelet