Success means building a studio team  and creating a synergy with a positive dynamic. We trade and collaberate and work with our Artisans on every project.. What moves us to create ? We begin with a great seriousness. We believe in bringing out the beauty that Mother nature put into the stone. We bring to light beauty trapped into darkness. The trend is not conformity - its not what everyone else has. It means being able to see not only what is, but what might be.To see the present clearly and how the future is taking shape. We have a Harmonic agreement with our Artisans. Our Designs have 2 different directions, Mystical & Spiritual. Angular and geometric. 

We focus on the experience of how this gem will be a part of a person's life later on. A future heirloom built in guaranteed longevity. These pieces are gifts that speak to the beauty and nobility present in all people. We take an elegant earthy approach to wildly different styles. Our new work contrasts ancient and modern. I am loyal to my craft and inner muse.


Barbara Lopez