Barbara Lopez is the designer, creator and owner of Blackstar Jewelry


I was on the edge of discovery, tough turns that took place made way to a new and exciting path.  Once we see beyond the veil of seperation and that our essential nature is not confined to our body, we begin to hear the prayers voiced within our heart. Black Star brings magic to life's symbolism. Faith, Energy, Enthusiasm, Audacity, courage and commitment. It take s a lot of determination, persistence and belief in one's self in order to break out of our comfort zone. 

Blackstar's aesthetic is handcrafted, detailed, electic and earthy.  It is a blend of Artisan/Designer collobration. Our sterling silver jewelry designs express a strong sense of cultural identity. Two become One.  Silence is necessary for the piece to speak and direct design. It takes an intense concentration of a special kind. Each piece is designed with a fluidity, grace and sense of movement. I call them positions. Suggesting various yoga poses, images, and emotions. A depth and richness are created through combined metals and complicated silver smithing techniques. All five elements come together in our " Sophisicated Primitive Designs". 

A Celebration of life and our Journey through it 


For all this and much much more,

We Thank most humbly.