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Blackstar Jewelry

Quality, Hand-Crafted, Sterling Silver Jewelry from Nepal.

Drawn in a search for inner peace, Black Star keeps the fires of ancient tradition burning. Even a once noble art can become extinct.

Hand crafted in the Himalayan Mountains of Nepal, Black Star supports free trade and works with many artisan families. We use ancient design techniques re-contextualized into contemporary settings. Traditional pierce and file techniques are used to isolate and work a style into a dramatic piece of jewelry. Mixing gemstones, fossils and precious metals is a language we use to express our reverence for the beauty of nature that lies below the surface of the earth.

Our fine sterling silver is available in over 100 different stones and fossils. All of our stones are individually selected and checked for color and clarity. You have our 100% guarantee of authentic stones and fine workmanship.

We humbly offer our current collection of exquisitely styled designer sterling silver jewelry and eclectic items.