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Blackstar Jewelry

Quality, Hand-Crafted, Sterling Silver Jewelry from Nepal.

Frequently asked questions

NATURAL JEWELRY CLEANING SOLUTIONS Treat your jewelry as an investment by keeping it clean and protecting it from tarnish. Dirt; which may contain fat and oils; as well as proteins of bacteria and other micro-organisms can contaminate your jewelry. There are various cleaning solutions available by not every one is mild enough for gemstones. We recommend a homemade solution of ammonia water. Ammonia in its free state is a gas with a pungent odor. When dissolved in water it forms ammonia hydroxide which is the main component of the cleaning solution. Ammonia denaturalizes the micro-organisms that can accumulate with normal wear. THIS COMBINATION IS NOT RECOMMENDED FOR OPALS, PEARLS, TURQUOISE, ONYX OR EMERALDS. CLEANING SOLUTION 1 c. water 1 tsp. ammonia a few drops of eco friendly dish soap and use a soft toothbrush