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Blackstar Jewelry

Quality, Hand-Crafted, Sterling Silver Jewelry from Nepal.

Beaded necklaces have always had important signs of social distinction. Color and form combinations were always carefully considered. Of the present day forms of jewelry the necklace is without question the most ancient. From rough assemblages of strung- together gem pebbles as the garnets of the bohemian lake dweller, we can trace through the ages the evolution of the necklace.

  • 9002 Neck Ring
  • 9003 Necklace
  • 9004 Necklace
  • 9005 Necklace
  • 9006 Necklace
  • 9010 Necklace
  • 9011 Necklace
  • 9012 Necklace
  • Quartz Mala