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Newari Tribal Bangles

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Body ornamentation has been in existence since the beginning of time.From the time Man found sparkly and colorful organic onjects that reflected the rays of the Sun. They become a symbolic gift of Beauty, protection and perfection that merge with our physche. Symbols are a rite of passage. Hand engraved Bangles. Deep aggressive soft cuts called engraving are carved into the .925 sterling silver. 

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Silver Hand Engraved Bangles
I wear these bangles everyday along with 2 other bracelet designs that we manufacture. The significance of 5 is a sacred number for me. Sacred geometry blossomed in ancient Greece. Pythagoras was one of the philosophers that became aware of its potential. Our collaborating Artisians work up in the Himalayas in their at home studios. Sometimes we get together in a group to get a production design live. Lots of questions have to be answered and verifications made. especially working with various sizes of gemstone. In this Design we use no gemstones.