Obsidian is simply a form of rapidly cooled lava. The volcanic glass, derived from its iron content cooling of the molten magma, and thus being ‘frozen’ into a rigid form before crystals had time to develop. Obsidian is also known as “Apache tears”. As a stone that emerges from the ground with dramatic force, is able to bring hidden emotions and traumas to the surface.

Chemical composition SiO2 with MgO, Fe304
Color Black with iridescence
Lustre Dull lustre - glassy
Hardness 5 - 6
Crystal system None
Origin Volcanism
Healing properties*

Obsidian has long been regarded as a magical portal through time and space. It is an excellent grounding stone and reveals the reasons behind dis-ease. This complex silicate with inclusions reveals an energy noise that can help to break down outworn patterns in our lives. Rebalances the digestive system. Reveals what is hidden or lost.

Ancient man valued the sharp, if rather brittle, cutting edge that made obsidian an ideal material for arrow heads, spears and knives. Obsidian is a shamanic tool that blocks harmful intentions.