Alexite is a synthetic stone. it is a version of YAG ( Yttrium Aluminum ganet Y4A1209 ) It is used in laser technology.Very hard and durable. Black Star uses 2 different varieties of color changing alexite: one that is green in fluorescent light ( called autumn alexite ) and shifts colors with different intensities of natural light, and one that is purple under light to an electric blue when viewed under fluorescent light ( called lavender alexite ) .

Chemical composition Y4A1209
Color colorless to green, orange, blue and purple
Lustre vitreous to subadamantine
Hardness 4.5 - 4.6
Crystal system cubic
Origin Lab grown
Healing properties*

Purifies the blood, strengthens blood vessels and improves blood flow. Boosts confidence and strengthens the self esteem in a person. makes the wearer feel more peaceful. Fosters intuitivepower and imagination.

This is a new lab grown gemstone and does not have any history of folklore.