Rhodocrosite is found in hydrothermal veins but also in sedimentary deposits of chemical origin. It is found in the form of stalacites and stalagmites in Argentina. Occurs as semitransparent and has perfect Rhombohedral cleavage. Its pink color is due to the presence of manganese. 

Chemical composition MnCO3
Color Pink
Lustre Vitreous, resinous to pearly
Hardness 4
Crystal system Trigonal
Origin Argentina, Mexico, Namibia, Spain, Romania, Russia
Healing properties*

Rhodocrosite contains manganese, an essential constituent of the body with a powerful antioxidant and metabolic function. It is required for bone development, repairing tissue and assimilation of minerals.

Sacred to the Incas, who called it Inca Rose and believed it was the solidified blood of their ancestral kings and queens.