Lindy Star Sapphire

Our Lindy Star Sapphire is a man made semiprecous gemstone that displays an asterism. They come in many colors. It has all the beauty and sparkle as the finest of star sapphires at a fraction of the price. 

Chemical composition

AI2O3(+Fe and Ti))

Color Blue and Pink
Lustre Subdamantine to vitreous
Hardness 9
Crystal system Trigonal
Origin Brazil
Healing properties*

Balances the endocrine system and reins in overactive energies. Calms, regulates and reduces tension in the solar plexus created by fear and anxiety. Sapphire sustains our life force and attracts joy and peace. Star Sapphire increases powers of personal expression, benefitting the heart and throat chakras. Sapphire helps us open and stimulate our Higher mind towards spiritual development to our interconnected beauty, innocence of awareness and intuition.