Garnets are widely distributed in metamorphic and some igneous rocks. There is a link between composition and occurrence of garnets. Specific names are given to various classes of garnets that substitute one atom for another. The following names are in common use: Pyrope – Mg3Al2Si3012 Almandine – Fe3Al2Si3O12 Spessartine – Mn3 Al2Si3O12 Grossular – Ca3Al2Si3O12 Uvarovite – Ca3Cr2Si3O12 Andradite – Ca3Fe2Si3O12

Chemical composition X3Y2Si3O2
Color Transparent to translucent, Deep Red and Brown; Nearly Black. Uvarovite is Clear Green; Grossular is Brown, Pale Green or White; Andradite is Yellow, Brown or Black
Lustre Vitreous to resinous
Hardness 6-7.5
Crystal system Cubic
Origin India, US
Healing properties*

All garnets bring a fiery and warming energy to fight cold, sluggish immune systems. Enhances energy flow, chi. The focus of garnet’s use for healing is determined by its color. All garnets speed up healing processes.

The Talmud states that Noah's ark was illuminated by garnet. . Snakes were believed to be guided by garnets in their forehead. Garnets were worn by widows to signify their undying fidelity.