Coral is made by small marine invertebrate animals such as the coral polyp, related to sea anemones. Their dense limestone skeletons cluster together and build up over thousands of years into coral reefs. The most abundant fossils corals are scleractinian corals in reefs.

Chemical composition CaCO3
Color Red, pink, white, black.
Lustre Vitreous
Hardness 3 - 4
Crystal system None
Origin Mediterranean coasts of Italy, France, Africa, Japan.
Healing properties*

Balances mood swings, promotes long life and a warm heart. Fortifies the muscular system. Strengthens the heart, circulation and bones. Heightens awareness of the needs of others and helps us understand how all life connects.

The Romans believed red Mediterranean coral had magical and medicinal properties. Victorian babies from wealthy families had teething rings made of coral.