Mandala Pendant
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Mandala Pendant

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Mandala symbols are symmetrical diagrams used as a focal point for meditation. The most basic Mandala is the magic circle that defines and protects a sacred space within which one finds peace and tranquility. In the eastern tradition they are linked with an intricate religious symbolism based on representations of the Cosmos. The oldest known mandala is the Sri Yantra, a potent symbol that is the essence of enclosed psychic vibration.
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Hand crafted in .925 sterling silver with amazing gemstones. A primal circle symbol for all that exists. A symbol of the Sun, the giver of light, and of the full moon, the discloser of dark mysteries. The circular mandalas frequently refer to the cyclic view of life, nature, fate, time or all of these combined in the symbol of the Goddess. Also drawn with paint to sanctify temples and homes.