Adinkra Symbol
Symbolizes Akyini - Yin
  • Adinkra Symbol
  • Symbolizing a Forest fern
  • Symbolizes African Mask

Adinkra Symbol Earrings

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Adinkra cloths were made exclusivelyfor the spiritual leaders of the community for very important sacred ceremonies and rituals. In addition to its sacred usage they are also used for making clothing accessories, interior decoration etc. etc. Photo #1 = Symbolizes Akyini - Yin Photo #2 = Symbolizes Fern Photo #3 = Symbolizes African mask
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Stone Type
Silver Adinkra Symbol Earrings
I became interested in African Art back in the 70's. In the 80's, I worked with one of the largest African import companies in the United states marketing their crafts. I learned about the Adinkra culture and became interested in the meaning of all the symbols.