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Amulets & Talismans continued.......

By Barbara Lopez, 02/12/2016 - 19:47
An Anthropological perspective - Talismans of Protection Preserving Indigenous Perspective . Tribals in the East " Chenchus - jungle folk of Deccan. Then there are the Todas from the state of Kissan. This is a small desert city is in West Orissa, India . In Shimla which is very near to Dharmasala, India. It is way up in the northern continent of India. Tribals recognition of Woman as the original creator, tracing its origins to Adi Sakti, the firstWoman , who spins the threads of creation. She create, she conceives and she destroys in a simultaneity of time, for in her is alive the wisdom that in creation is the seed of destruction. This is a scenario of ending and beginning, death is an ending and yet a passage to a beginning... " Within this stream, Women were the holders and sustainers of heritage...the contacting of energy sources and the initiating of auspicious rites flowed from Mother to daughter, through poetry, art and ritual. The Antique Silver Amulets, or Patri, are an ancient tradition of village and Tribal art. These icons are about communion with Nature, about connection with the vital energy of creation. To the energy of growing things, of trees, plants and animals. This energy in turn engages us in a world of transformation, in a world of Myth and magic. This is a world of alchemy and yogic power. Woman as priestess and seer guarded the mysteries....