Sunstone, sometimes called aventurine feldspar, s in the same mineral family as moonstone, feldspar. Its glittering, fire-like reflections are caused by minute included scales, in a form of iron-oxide (either hematite or goethite).

Chemical composition ((NaCa)Al1-2Si3-2O8)
Color Orange, brown, gold with gold flecks
Lustre Vitreous, adamantine
Hardness 6 – 6.5
Crystal system Triclinic
Origin Norway, USA
Healing properties*

Sunstone lifts depression. Keep one in your pocket and handle it frequently. Full of Qi, this regenerative crystal revitalizes the body and the psyche.

The Vikings are said to have navigated with a sunstone tied to the ship’s mast. This stone was found in ancient Viking graves, suggesting it also guided the soul beyond death. It can act as a spiritual compass.