Smoky Quartz

Smoky quartz occurs in many igneous and metamorphic rocks, particularly in granite and gneiss. Also found in quartz veins and granite pegmatic dykes.

Chemical composition SiO2
Color Brown, grey, black
Lustre Vitreous
Hardness 7
Crystal system Trigonal
Origin Australia, Brazil, India, Germany, Madagascar, Russia, Switzerland, UK, USA
Healing properties*

Smoky quartz is a stone of quietness. It has a gentle focusing and grounding energy. It also has a calming effect on the thought processes, and is an excellent stone for meditation.

Cairngorm is a golden-brown variety of smoky quartz that is found in Scotland. It takes its name from the mountain range in which it is found. Fine specimens were polished and set as jewelry that was handed down from generation to generation within a family as a protective or healing amulet.