Pietersite is in the tiger’s eye family. The unique structure of the fibrous materials creates a chatoyant patchwork of colors due to its brecciated formation.

Chemical composition Quartz: SiO2 Crocidolite: Na2Fe4 (OH/Si4O11)2 (Variable)
Color Brownish-black, golden-yellow to brown
Lustre Silky on fractures
Hardness 6.5 – 7
Crystal system Trigonal, fibrous aggregate
Origin Nambia, Africa, China
Healing properties*

Pietersite rebalances the body on all levels. In Chinese Medicine, it restores harmony between yin and yang energies. Placed over the lower chakras, it stimulates the rise of kundalini.

Since first discovered in 1963, it is new material for a new age. At this point, we know pietersite teaches us integrity and draws abundance & health.