Mexican Opal

Fire opal consists of silicic acid with high water content. The color comes from fire traces of iron oxide. The cavities and crevices in the Mexican highlands have significant fire opal deposits amongst their many extinct volcanoes.

Chemical composition SiO2nH2O
Color Red, Orange; all rainbow colors
Lustre Vitreous – also pearly or resinous
Hardness 6-6.5
Crystal system Amorphous
Origin Mexico
Healing properties*

A good gemstone to make feelings flow and resolve blockages; Mexican fire opals bestow courage, stamina and will power. Mexican Opal is the power center of understanding.

In ancient times, fire opals were admired as symbols of a fervent love for someone. The Mayans and Aztecs used this gemstone in mosaics for ritualistic purposes. Psychic qualities of the left brain and psychic awareness, also called intuition.