Marra Mamba Tigers Eye

Marra Mamba tigereye is yet another of Australia's bountiful treasures, and one of my personal favorite gemstones. This chatoyant material is found only in the Hamersley Ranges, located in northwestern Australia. It occurs as isolated pockets in seams of blue crocidolite, and typically contains intricately beautiful patterns of shiny metallic hematite and red jasper. Marra Mamba tigereye is unique in all the world, difficult to come by in any quality, and quite expensive when you do find it. It gets its name from the area where it formed, millions of years ago, in the vast iron rich geological formation of the Pilbara region. The deposit has lately become of tremendous commercial importance, and currently there are extensive mining operations well underway, harvesting iron ore for industry. Sadly, I hear this very special tigereye was quickly mined out long ago, by those who discovered it, but perhaps they'll find more someday, and rockhounds will find a way to get it! Once you've seen genuine Marra Mamba tigereye, there's really nothing else to compare.

Chemical composition SiO2
Color yellow, brown, multi - colored
Lustre silky
Hardness 7
Crystal system Hexagonal
Origin Hamersley range in Western Australia
Healing properties*

In Gemstone healing it aids the upper respiratory system. The combination of feldspars is helpful for individuals seeking clarity. Diverts unwanted energy and confuses your opposition. Encourages contact with other people. Activates practical energy fields.

Marra Mamba tigers eye has been used by the Shamans of the Australian outback for centuries, to invoke the powers of the far seeing eye. The fine lines within tigers eye underscore one of its functions- That of a good energy shifter. Tigers eye is a powerful protective amulet.