Lace Agate

Agate is a form of chalcedony which is characterized by bands or zones that differ in color. Agate usually forms concentric or irregular layers, usually lining a rock cavity. The layering often follows the form of the cavity and gives place inwards to crystals of quartz.

Chemical composition SiO2
Color Variegated shades of White-Grey and Green-Brown, Red and Black
Lustre Dull, vitreous to greasy
Hardness 6.7
Crystal system Conchiodal
Origin Worldwide
Healing properties*

Agate symbolizes wealth, health and longevity. Agate supports life in difficult circumstances, keeping the soul from harm. Crystal healers harness Agate's power to bring stability to the physical body and aura, cleanse the lymphatic system and regulate fluid balance.

Legend said that eagles carried Agates to their nests to protect their young from snakebites, so early people wore Agate amulets to guard against the venomous bites of spiders or scorpions. In Mesopotamia, Agates were engraved as seal stones (symbols of power and authority).