Emerald is a precious variety of the mineral beryl. It forms in granite and pegmatiterocks, taking its colour from additional chromium and vanadium atoms. Emerald crystals are long prisms, clearly hexagonal in shape with faceted, domed terminations. Inclusions can identify origin: for example, stones containing calcite or pyrite come from Brazil; those with mica, from Russia or Africa.High quality, transparent stones are rare and go to the gem trade, but opaque emerald with cloudy inclusions are easy to find.

Chemical composition

Be3AI2Si6s O18

Color Green
Lustre vitreous
Hardness 8
Crystal system hexagonal
Origin Columbia, Brazil, Russia, Pakistan
Healing properties*

Speeds cleansing and purifying processes. Effective as a focus for meditation. Place Emerald at the Heart Charka to bring balance and calm. Reveals the truth and encourages honesty.