Dendritic Quartz

Dendritic quartz has crystals that grow in fractal pattern, typical multi-branching tree-like form.s. They are leaf like inclusions of iron, manganese and other metallic oxides known as dendrites. The term "dendrite" comes from the Greek word dendron, which means "tree. 

Chemical composition SiO2
Color colorless, brown,orange
Lustre Metallic to submetallic
Hardness 7
Crystal system Vitreous
Origin Brazil
Healing properties*

Dendritic quartz is a powerful healing gemstone. It absorbs the earth's vibrational energy and directs it back to us. It has the power to open the 3rd. eye and is a cel activator of growth. Connecting us with Mother Earth.

Dendritic Quartz has been been worn as an amulet for protection and grounding.