Ammonite is a fossilized shell, a thin layer of fossil skin that is often worked into doubles or triples. Cephalopods that form Ammolite originally lived in subtropical seas until becoming extinct at the end of the Mesozoic era. Ammonites were buried by layers of bentonite sediment which preserved the aragonite of their shells and prevented conversion to calcite. Many fossils with striking patterns and shapes have been regarded as protective and powerful talismans for thousands of years.

Chemical composition CaCO3
Color Iridescent/spectral colors found in nature.
Lustre Vitreous-silky
Hardness 3.5-4
Crystal system Orthorhombic
Origin Madagascar and North America
Healing properties*

Stabilize, ground and steady the life force; helps us accept change and cycles of time. restore order and pattern to disharmonious states. Access distant memopery and travel through time and space.

The Blackfoot Indian Tribe called Ammolites “Iniskim” (“Buffalo stone”) and used it as a talisman.