An Ancient Symbol for meditation

Quartz Sri Yantra Lingham

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The Sri Yantra is a mandala for meditation. It is a linked geometrical diagram of lines by means of which visualized eneries are concentrated. Quartz crystal is a clear colourless stone which is shaped so as to focus light at its apex. 

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Unique hand carved Quartz Lingham meditation stone
In Tibetan Buddhism and Hinduism the Sri Yantra is a nucleus of the visible and knowable source of creation. There are different kinds of Yantras ( geometrical diagram )and the Sri Yantra is the Great yantra. Quartz crystal is the most powerful stone for the transmission of energetic perception during meditation. The symbol Sri Yantra is a very good emblem for us all, inclusive substance of fundamental reality just as color less light includes all the possible colors of light. So crystal can serve as an analogy for the substance which includes all substance.