Hand carved quartz crystal meditation implement


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Tibetan Buddhism practices a form of meditation where they invoke loving kindness

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Unique hand carved Quartz Crystal Dorji prayer wand
To begin meditation upon the dorje one will attempt to grasp its symbolism and structure and initiate the correlation of their worldly awareness-components to the archetypal structure. This progressively becomes easier and more intuitive. Consciousness transforms from mortal to immortal, and one perceives the infinite in the finite. Heart and Mind function harmoniously together as a singular, responsive, non-reactive awareness.The dorje becomes an active inner spiritual “map of the universe” with which one may attain the highest levels of awareness whilst keeping grounded in their daily life. An archetype which provides life and growth engenders a fruitful philosophical pathway. Building a dorje in the imagination as an organ of cognition is one of the greatest and simplest of spiritual practices. Beyond intellect, it is the pure beauty of spiritual freedom which can only be grasped through uplifting actions in art, music and life. The Dorje, or Diamond Sceptre, is a Tibetan spiritual-ritual implement of great beauty and utility. The dorje is an artistic-archetypal representation of the ultimate spiritual dynamic, functioning as an active meditative component, a form-energy transceiver.Om Mani Padme Hum Hail the Jewel in the Lotus!