Tibetan Turquoise
handcrafted detail carving
  • Tibetan Turquoise
  • Tibetan Turquoise

Adventure Men's Ring

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Black Star Jewelry transitions to a new level. We pay particular attention to the meticulous crafting of our design styles, incorporating forging and forming techniques. We play with the surface adding character and richness by texturing the metal. Find your true calling in creative endeavors.
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Stone Type
Black Tourmaline needles criss - crossing through quartz
Many ancient cultures worshipped trees as manifestations of the divine. Shrines were built at the base of trees to honor tree spirits. The Egyptians, Christians, Hebrew, Kabbalist, Zoroastrian, and Taoist traditions based many of their mystical teachings around the central Tree of Life symbol. we use sacred symbols and realizing how they connect us to the world at large.