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Floral Broach

Floral Broach

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Steeped in generations - long tradition of jewelry making that are the trademarks of the little workshops of Nepal. Black Star creates one of kind designs, rock solid in strength and character. Forging and fabricating, engraving, cutting, all of these techniques go into our final designs. The national flower of Nepal is called the Lali - Gurans, in English, Rhododendron. Pictured here with a blue rainbow moonstone doublet. Sterling Silver rhododendron (LaGuram) and leaf design broach. This is a one of a kind creation
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Blue Rainbow Moonstone Broach
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Out of 5856 flowering plants recorded in Nepal (HMGN 2002), 690 species are considered having medicinal properties (Malla and Shakya 1984). This number includes 510 species found in the wild in Nepal; 120 species are in cultivation or have become naturalized, and 60 species are exotic.