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Hand painted miniature paintings set with glass and Sterling Silver foil. Each image has a unique ancient spiritual symbolism that resonates with the wearer. Our intension is to offer the blessings, peace and support to each person who wears it. Mostly Om, Lotus,Ganesha, Sri Yantra, and moon. In additional notes you can request to see a jpeg of the image that you are interested in. These are all one of a kind. These hand painted & printed pendants are created in India. Some of these original hand painted images are from Nepal.
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medium size panted pendants
These painted & printed pendants from India come in a wide assortment of images. 1st, photo from left to right: Sri Yantra, Lotus, Saraswati ( सरस्वती ), Ganesh, Buddha, " OM ". 2nd. photo from left to right: Lotus, 'OM ", Ganesh, Ganesh, White Tara ( श्वेत तारा ) Price shown is for a 10mm pendant. Other sizes available (10 to 40 mm), ranging in price from $15 to $60. Contact us by email for particulars.