Kalachakra Pendant
Kalachakra Pendant

Kalachakra Pendant

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The symbolism of the Kalacharka's stacked syllables is extremely complex, encapsulating meanings which relate to all three aspects of the Kalacharka Tantra - the external, internal, and alternative. The external deals with cosmology, astronomy, and astrology; the internal aspects deals with the subtle energy systems of the individual's mind and body interrelationships; and the alternative aspect deals with the actual deity practice of Kalacharka.
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Black Star Diopside
The Kalachakra Mandala is also represented with one of the most important and well known symbol of the Tibetan Tantric tradition: the Sanskrit seed syllables of the Kalachakra system known as “the mighty ten stacked syllables”. Each syllable that compose the mantra has a different color and they are represented all interconnected on top of a lotus flower and surrounded by a ring of fire.