Antique Amulet Pendant
Antique Amulet Pendant

Antique Amulet Pendant

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Antique Tribal pendants of Hindu Gods and Goddesses from India. Original , old worn collection pieces in good condition. Old Tribal Silver is composed of 80% or 90% silver. Mostly made from melted down rupee coins. These sacred charms are from rural villages all over the Indian continent. They are generally dye stamped. Tribal silver Patris are intimate amulets that belonged to individuals, conjuring up the details of daily life.
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Pendants sold by weight at $3/Gram. depending on the quality and size, the price will vary up to $4.50 a gram and sometimes by the piece, depending on the rarity of the image.
Early Mesolithic and Neolithic agricultural beliefs about fertility - fragility of life and constant threat of destruction - needed to renew generative processes of nature. Goddess centered religions - mythical beings explain the order of mankind and the origins of the universe.