.925 Sterling silver
Dragon barrette hand engraved

Dragon Barrette -9509

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Dragon engraved on fine sterling silver. A unique visual language of technical perfection. Engraving Dragon images on .925 sterling silver requires a certain oneness of the metal. Since the beginning of time, man has drawn on metals of all compositions.They dug deep into the metal of Sterling Silver to create a facet of metal to reflect the light. Sparks may fly, but silence is necessary for the peace to speak and direct its design. We become " ONE " with the metal. Namaste
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Stone Type
Engraved Sterling Silver Barrette
The Dragon was the Guardian of the Flaming Pearl, symbolizing spiritual perfection. The Chinese Taoist symbolism revered the Dragon as a "Spirit of the way" . In Medieval times, stories of flying beasts called Dragons existed. Maybe they were the last of the flying dinosaurs ?