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Unique pearl earrings

Unique handmade earring - Angel's Flight

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Rooted in Nature. We are trying to recreate what nature's done. We take an aesthetic from that, some feeling from that. The right edge  - marvelously beautiful. We are continually experimenting with ways of forming metal that will produce  the organic qualities we seek in our designs. We are continuously experimenting with ways of forming metal that will produce the organic qualities that we are looking for in our designs. . Unique sterling silver techniques accentuate the gemstones. The sculptural becomes the wearable in this one of kind design style. 

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Unique Pearl Earrings
Making Sterling silver jewelry is easy to do with a little practice. Sterling silver will do anything - anything: add, subtract, carve, cast melt - you can re-attach, you can compress like clay, expand, and at the same time as having these versatile ways of working it, it has strength, endurance. and beauty.