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Doublet Blue Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

Sterling silver earrings with gemstones - Divinity

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These earrings are simple elegance. Granulation, short coil and a practical approach to a design style that has a conservative element. Pictured is a doublet of blue rainbow moonstone. The small gemstones in this design are perfect for children. We sell the corks for the wire to secure & lock the earring in case of loss. I think my Grand Daughter would love a pair of these earrings. She is going to be 8 years old.
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Stone Type
African Amethyst Earrings
Blue Rainbow Moonstone has a backing on it to bring up the chatoyant glow. It was must a gem quality stone in order for the glow to bounce back to the eye. Regular white rainbow moonstone is just milky and somewhat clear. Our gemstone size range is vast. we carry about 125 gemstones and fossils in our collection and the semi precous cut gemstones come in a range of 20 different sizes of gemstones in every shape you can imagine. 4x6 oval is the smallest we carry in that shape.