.925 sterling silver
Mandala Garnet earring

Mandala Earrings

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Mandala is a synonym for sacred space. The most basic of all mandalas is the circle, intended to symbolize the universe. It defines and protects the sacred space within where one finds tranquility and peace. In Tibetan life, mandalas are used to decorate and sanctify temples and homes. They remind the wearer of the sanctity in the universe and its potential in ourselves. They're used in assisting our progress toward enlightenment. Tibetan Buddhist Monks create Sand mandalas that take days. When it finally complete, they destroy it. Symbolizing the birth and death cycle. These earrings have a matching Pendant
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Unique Carnelian Mandala Symbol earrings with hand crafted sterling silver
This hand made unique one of a kind designs, exudes a sense of power of strength and are each adorned with a glittering gemstone. I am voracious when it comes to surface techniques. Jewelry is so essentially human. As early as the cavemen - Talisman; were worn for protection, conceptual, or it was spiritual. It had a purpose and still does.