Eight Auspicious Symbols
handmade ewngraved sterling silver cuff bracelet

Engraved Sterling silver cuff bracelet

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These Tibetan Eight Auspicious symbols are hand engraved on .925 sterling silver. In Buddhism these eight symbols of good fortune represent the offerings made by the gods to Shakyamuni Buddhist immediately after he attained enlightenment. In early Indian Vajrayana Buddhism the eight auspicious symbols were deified into eight Goddesses., known as the Ashtamangala Devi, who each carry one of the auspicious symbols as their attribute. A very sacred Tibetan style mantra bracelet.

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Hand Engraved Tibetan Symbols
The eight auspicious Buddhist symbols consist of: a parasol, a pair of golden fishes, a treasure vase, a lotus, a white right spiraling conch shell, an endless know, a banner of victory, and a golden wheel. Originally these formed a grouping of early Indian symbols of royality which were presented at such ceremonies as the coronation of a king.