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Blackstar Jewelry

Quality, Hand-Crafted, Sterling Silver Jewelry from Nepal.

Cultural Crossovers

By Barbara Lopez, 03/26/2014 - 17:04

Black Star believes in collective prosperity. Our passion for sustainable design comes from groundbreaking collaborations. We reawaken a new respect for clothing by remixing and transforming unwanted obsolete items into new designs. Kantha stitching ( rags in Sanskrit ) has its roots in the culture of Women. It is a traditional artform of West Bengal, India. We recycle old silk and cotton sarees by piercing and layering the fabric into re-workable material transforming them into serviceable items while at the same time providing a wage for displaced tribes in India. Sustainable fashion explores the economical, ecological, and emotional value in the garments we wear. A reciprocal process of give and take. Taking risks and creating just what the future can hold for our wardrobes.